Motorcycle Ride Adventure’s “Glimpse of Rajasthan”

Motorcycle ride Adventure’s begins December 30th -14th January 2017, Explore world by motorcycle, The World is wide & amazing. To discover I think there is no better way than motor biking.This time we left for a while our beloved Himalayan Mountains to reach the land of maharajas. What we experienced there definitely worth a ride. And I’m not talking about the forts, the palaces, the colorful bazaars, the Havelis, the deserts, the friendly people and, you know, all what is associated with the stereotyped definition of Rajasthan.

Motor biking change totally your concept of travel. Your perception of the World, of all the things around you, takes a new dimension. You see them with new eyes, you feel them with new emotions. It makes you feel closer to the environment and you maintain a special connection with it as long as you riding. Everything around you, the climate, the scents, the colours, the reliefs and the life are felt with a deep and new intensity. It really teaches you how to look at the world.

While riding, the motorbike makes you feel like you are some sort of motorbike part. Soul and motorbike are one, just like a fusion. Your mind is totally liberated and suddenly filled with deep felling of freedom. It allows you to explore on the spur of the moment, to take advantage of every opportunity that comes to you.

On a motorbike, everyday becomes significant. Your motorbike acts as a connection between adventures.

Be a part of our Journey…

For more details of this tour call us today: +91 8262800005, +91 9805318889, +91 9805888458 or visit:

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